Note 4193

Date/Time From:2017-06-03 @ 1200
Date/Time To:2017-06-03 @ 1441
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2017-06-03 23:42:10
Time Uploaded:2017-06-03 23:42:10
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Note:Basin nearly full, with a low doming eruption at 1200, then calmed down; water almost out of sight at 1203. Water visible at 1222. Water not visible at 1225. Water visible at 1301; nearly full basin & roiling at 1302 to 1305; water level lower at 1306; water out of sight at 1308. Basin full and overflowing at 1335, with roiling-boiling; water level lower at 1336. Water visible in basin at 1407, with low roiling-boiling; slightly calmer at 1410; water level lowered at 1411. Basin full & overflowing at 1441, with roiling; water level then lowered at 1441 - still with moderate to slight roiling.

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