Note 4648

Geyser:Dark Cavern
Date/Time:1981-09-22 @ 1900
Observer:1981 log
Time Entered:2017-08-01 16:48:53
Time Uploaded:2017-10-02 14:45:06
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Note:9/22/1981 I caught some sort of super eruption out of Dark Cavern lasting ~ 4-5 minutes with water bursts going to at least 20 feet high. I saw just the end of one 3 days ago but only saw bursts to ~ 8-10 feet so I thought it was just a large regular eruption. The roaring noise is clearly audible up at the museum (even on very windy days like today) where normal eruptions cannot be heard in the archway. This is the 3rd such eruption that I know of …. the first being ~ midnight a week ago that Fred heard.

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