Note 4672

Date/Time:1983-08-17 @ 1730
Observer:MVachuda in 1983 log
Time Entered:2017-08-01 23:03:31
Time Uploaded:2017-10-02 14:45:06
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Note:(more info than the raw times-mab) Log: New Geyser in Porcelain Basin (Blowout?) Started observing at 1345 (8/17) At this time it was continually spouting with bursts coming out at a sharp angle. 1408:15 – spouting stopped and “draining” sound was heard 1408:23 – a loud jet of steam came out 1409:30 – steam stopped and the pool filled to the top. 1409:51 – a “major” eruption began – the water erupted straight up higher than the normal spouting 1411- normal spouting began- no pause at the end of the major (blended together) Majors like the one described except there was no jet of steam (pool filled) 1459:15 d=~2m, 1520:06 d=~2m, 1550:10 d=~2m, 1618:01 d=~2m 1645:32 – jet of steam till 1649:28 Duration – 3m56sec Interval from last steam – 2h37m09s 1649:34 – major began 1659 major ended approx 10 min duration, interval 31m32s Start: 1719:17 end 1721 – d= approx 2min.

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