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Date/Time:1985-08-18 @ 1800
Observer:1985 log TM
Time Entered:2017-08-09 10:52:20
Time Uploaded:2017-10-02 14:45:06
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Note:8/18/1985 Summary of Whirligig: From watching it on 8/18 & 8/19, etc. It has a near 2 hrs 30 mins interval (near-about). When it erupts – it erupts for about 3 to 4 minutes. The water in the back vent goes up to 4 or 5 feet at an angle in height and occasionally shoots it out 5 to 10 feet. The main vent in the pool center – shoots bursting water to 10 feet sometimes higher with the eruption making a sound like a helicopter/ locomotive. After it erupts it takes 1 ½ to 2 minutes for the pool to drain 2/3 of the way down where it stops & starts to refill again slowly. Then it takes 40 to 50 minutes about for the pool to fill slowly back up to overflowing. Taking 45 to 50 minutes from the start of the eruption- thru the eruption, draining of the pool, refilling of the pool to where it is (the pool) overflowing again. The rest of the time – near 1 hour & 40 minutes about the pool is filled w/water= till the eruption. The intervals between eruptions are near 2 ½ hours long. Big Whirligig and Splutterpot Geysers are directly connected. Both of the above usually go off at about the same time. Splutterpot Geyser then goes off & on real frequent during the time of Big Whirligig’s Eruption, then stops about 20 seconds after Big Whirligig not to erupt again for the next 10 to 12 minutes. Then Splutterpot continues its 5 to 6 minute interval till the next eruption. More on this later.

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