Note 5068

Date/Time:1979-09-29 @ 1800
Observer:1979 log
Time Entered:2017-08-19 15:06:42
Time Uploaded:2017-10-02 14:45:06
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Note:09/29/1979 Caught the Whirligigs in dual eruption again this afternoon. Big Whirligig was in eruption at 1642. At 1645:45 Little Whirligig joined with a continual splashing eruption. Big, feeling the affects of its competitor, grew in vigor, sending at least one burst 15 feet high. At 16:47:10, the Splutter Pot joined the confusion. Big Whirligig quieted down at 15:52:50 (7:05 in L.W.’s eruption) with only the rooster rail splashing afterwards. When Big quit, Little had a more typical individual bursting pattern. Little Whirligig ended at 16:55:20 for a duration of 9:35. It drained in 1:50. Big Whirligig quickly drained to 2 feet down in the vent. Africa was very quiet during the show, but grew in vigor as soon as Big Whirligig quit. As of 18:00 neither had erupted again.

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