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Date/Time From:1983-06-20 @ 0800
Date/Time To:1983-06-20 @ 1800
Observer:Hutchinson Field Notes - Box 74
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Note:06/20/1983 Cauliflower 1738, 1746 It was discovered today that Cauliflower has been having major erosive fountain eruptions over the past week of so as shown by the wash. The wash zones extend from the pool’s edge 12.5m to the east, 5.2 to the south (blocked I part by the elevated algae mat in the runoff channel west of Mirror Pool), 9.75m to the west, & 12.2m to the northwest. Heavy runoff has gone to the west & northeast. In past years the only active runoff channel has been the west side which swings southwest to join that from Mirror Pool. Plates of siliceous sinter up to 3cm thick & at least 30 cm long have been torn loose & a berm or ridge of sinter debris 20cm high has grown most notably on the south side. The dense biscuit-shaped formation along Cauliflower’s margins has not been disturbed. Part of one minor eruption cycle was observed: Cauliflower's pool slowly fills to just below the distinct marker ledge. Abruptly there was the appearance of gas & steam bubbles in the manner of like that of Morning Geyser before its eruptions as observed while active over the past several years. This occurred at 1738 MST & lasted 8 minutes with a gradual increase in superheated boiling & intensity. Suddenly at 1746:02 there was a rapid rise in the pool’s surface with heavy overflow in all directions. Cauliflower than had strong wave action, pulsating & oscillating of its pool surface with boils and to slightly over half a meter. This behavior was similar to that of Deep Blue Geyser in the 1970’s. After a total duration of 94 seconds the water level quickly dropped down 10cm below the marker rim.

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