Note 7679

Date/Time:1986-02-12 @ 1100
Observer:Hutchinson Field Notes - Box 74
Time Entered:2017-10-02 13:20:32
Time Uploaded:2017-10-02 13:20:32
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Note:02/12/1986 Ruptured sinter sheet, SE corner of Porcelain Basin. Occurred between 2-6 & 2-11-83. Center of vent (26’) 7.9m from base of slope of old roadway. Maximum height 3-6 meters. Water drains into collapse pit of 1972 basin-wide disturbance at base of slope about 12m to the SW. Maximum thickness of ruptured sinter is 12cm. Water is turbid dark gray. L 21 1/2” major rupture W 25’ 7.6m 33’8” 10-3m Vent 5’ 1.5m Vent to south end of 71 blow-out 20.7m Vent to drain at base of slope 50’ 15.2m

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