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Date/Time From:2018-05-19 @ 2100
Date/Time To:2018-05-19 @ 2135
Observer:Stephen Ott
Time Entered:2018-05-21 16:00:04
Time Uploaded:2018-05-21 16:00:04
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Note:I was present all day from about 10 a.m. Tom C., CB and Tara have more detailed descriptions of observations during the day. I stayed until 21:35, when it was too dark to see anything. If the report is correct that the major eruption was at 21:48, then here is the timetable for my observations. At about E-45 minutes, the activity had increased to the point that there was a surge from both the north and south vents about 60 feet high for about 10 seconds. The surge stopped and there was visible splashing from the north vent about 5-10 feet high and probably some splashing from the south vent. Splashing lasted a couple of minutes. Gradually, the surge from both vents increased in duration (but not in height) and the splashing shortened until about E-15 minutes, when the surge lasted for a couple of minutes and the splashing break only lasted about 15 seconds. The surge periods were so continuous that I wondered if I was experiencing a “weak” major eruption. The data from the seismographic data is probably correct recording the time of the major eruption at 21:48.

Neat! Thank you.
Entrant: Tom C.
Time Entered:2018-05-21 19:36:53
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