Note 8556

Date/Time From:2018-06-08 @ 0730
Date/Time To:2018-06-08 @ 0819
Observer:Carol Bill Beverly
Time Entered:2018-06-08 07:36:32
Time Updated:2018-06-08 08:19:52
Time Uploaded:2018-06-08 10:36:28
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Steamboat > 8 - 15+ foot jets of water from North vent at 0731, 0733 0741 0749, 0802. 0741, 0749 0759 had concerted light water from both vents. Main runoff channel has light water that extends approximately 30 feet from SV. Runoff channel in front of the platform (North?) is dry dry dry! Cistern Spring has heavy steam that obscures a view. I can hear a boil and see convection waves on the edge of the pool.

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