Note 9266

Date/Time From:2018-07-21 @ 2030
Date/Time To:2018-07-21 @ 2113
Observer:Carol and Bill
Time Entered:2018-07-21 20:57:31
Time Updated:2018-07-21 21:34:24
Time Uploaded:2018-07-21 21:34:52
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Heavy steam,, huffing out of NV, and SV, not as strong, no water seen in either vent, although steady light stream of milky water at bridge. Trough is not completely full with gravel as in past, but Is mostly full of very fine grayish/ brown silt (silica?), with white borders on the higher, drier areas. That "silt" has also accumulated in several areas downstream from the bridge. Runoff channel appears to be back to original color prior to it turning white approx 9-10 hours before last night's eruption. Cistern Springs is down 20-22" from overflow with occasional bubble in center. Most remarkable is that most of overflow area has turned completely white,

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