Note 9701

Date/Time From:2018-08-13 @ 1345
Date/Time To:2018-08-13 @ 1433
Observer:Barbara Lasseter and me
Time Entered:2018-08-13 14:22:31
Time Updated:2018-08-13 14:33:46
Time Uploaded:2018-08-13 15:38:00
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Gravel pit is dredged. Water is clear. Left side is flowing and middle rock gets covered from strong, long SV minors. Concerted minors frequency varies from often to long pauses during lulls. No vertical from NV. Heights are 10-20 feet. Duration good at times. IMO needs increased frequency. Verticalness and deep percussive sounds are missing. Not quite ready but could be any time it wants to.

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