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Date/Time From:2018-08-13 @ 0935
Date/Time To:2018-08-13 @ 1121
Time Entered:2018-08-13 10:17:09
Time Updated:2018-08-13 12:31:30
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Note:SV huge raging river as I walked up. Strong concerted jetting from both vents, NV 20-25', SV 15-20 with substantial runoff. No vertical. Considerable dredging from last night, trough mostly clear of debris even in flat area downstream towards bridge. 0958 runoff around right side of middle rock(5?). Left side trickle and is mostly wet. Water remains clear. 1055 strong concerted minors, NV 25+' and SV 20+' with good runoff. SV trying to get vert and lasting 5-10 sec.

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