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Date/Time From:2018-08-31 @ 1250
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Note:Both vents alternating every 1-2 minutes. NV 10-20' SV 5+' Two or three concerted, no verical (and just as I finish writing) 1321. Nice 25' NV with 5' vertical x2. 1324 more vertical (even reverse) with 25' jetting from NV . 1331 NV 20+' vertical, nothing over 5' or vert from SV and no runoff. 1338 first good solo SV angled 8+' no runoff. 1342 NV 20+' with vert splash, no SV. 1349 concerted NV 25' sustained (20sec) but no vertical, SV 5-10'. NV looks promising but SV has yet to go vertical or put out anything other than a trickle of water down runoff, or wet the shelf behind it. Reminds me of what I saw daily for about 16 days in June, only NV was stronger with more vertical, and never enough SV runoff to remove the gravel from the trough.

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