Eruption 1112220

Duration:1H 29M
Standardized Duration:1h 29m
Time Entered:2019-07-10 19:10:40
Time Updated:2019-07-11 09:39:41
Time Uploaded:2019-07-11 09:39:43
Observer:Kitt, Dean, Marc A, Rocco, Byron, Tara & Matt, Mark W, Jaclyn, William, Rachel, Peter H. Valdimir, Edda, Eugeniia, Warren & Pat H. and Bill and I and many more!
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Comments:MANY BIG impressive minors throughout the day, tall, wide CSNVVwSVH that we thought would start an eruption but didnt. Around 1215 the minors changed. They would start out concerted, go big and then NV would stop and SV would take over with vertical, thick, sustained heavy runoff. Very strange interval! Thought SB was "Gibbled & Fargazled" for a bit today! Start was a BIG minor that kinda paused mid height like it was going to stop and then took off! The climb to full height took a few seconds and was BEAUTIFUL in the evening light. Rainbows from the upper deck. SV into steam at 1943, back to a water/steam mix at 1952, steam again at 2000, 2042 mix & 2037 steam. NV was dirty and threw many rocks. NV did some huffing but maintained water for 1H 28M. Amazing!

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Kitt B
Time Entered:2019-07-11 07:50:43
Time Uploaded:2019-07-11 07:50:48
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No flags for this eruption. Junction seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 7:08 PM-onward major eruption on 10 July 2019.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2019-07-10 23:15:22
Time Uploaded:2019-07-10 23:15:22
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