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7y 344d 17h 28m ago

Interval Statistics

Interval Count35
Max31y 308d 22h 29m
Mean1y 64d 18h 13m
Median1d 23h 25m

Latest Notes

Note IDStart Time (US/Mountain)End Time (US/Mountain)EntrantNote
17950 18 Jun 2021 @ 1200 --- LynnS Visitor report (paramedic stationed at Madison and her husband) they had seen Green Spring erupt when the recently visited Black Sand Basin.
10477 27 Sep 2018 @ 0835 --- Micah Kipple Constantly boiling up to 3-5 inches over vent.
4277 08 Jun 2017 @ 1722 --- JSJ Small spouter at southeastern corner of pool is off. Not in to-the-north overflow.
4261 07 Jun 2017 @ 1638 07 Jun 2017 @ 1826 JSJ Continuous low spouting from a vent at the southeastern corner of the pool (filmed). Intermittent, slight to moderate roiling from a vent just south of the northern submerged shelf. In slight overflow to the north at 1638 - already done at 1653 (but still overflowing via the western runoff channel). Resumed to-the-north overflow at 1727 (near start); degree of overflow varied from slight trickling to heavier. Overflow also on the eastern side of the pool, using two slight breaches in the sinter border. To-the-north overflow done at 1745. In slight to-the-east overflow at 1819 through one breach only. First noticeable to-the-north overflow at latest 1825 - helped by the wind. Closed interval for the beginning of to-the-north overflow events = ~58m.
3526 22 Aug 2016 @ 0940 --- Janet Jones Had a surge of water that flooded the area by the boardwalk.
3442 07 Aug 2016 @ 1403 07 Aug 2016 @ 1747 JSJ Not in to-the-north overflow at 1403. Northern vent gently roiling. In gentle to-the-north overflow at 1422. Not at 1538 & 1634. In to-the-north overflow at 1700, with northern vent gently roiling to low roiling to moderate roiling. Not in to-the-north overflow at 1706, with only gentle roiling from northern vent. Ditto at 1720. In slight to-the-north overflow at 1738, with low to moderately low roiling from northern vent. Good overflow at 1742. Low splash from northern vent at 1742. Overflow occuring along entire spring's border at 1743 to 1745 - the most significant overflow event I've yet seen (Rocco says these are happening about twice a day). Less overflow at 1747.
3429 05 Aug 2016 @ 1816 05 Aug 2016 @ 1929 JSJ Green Spring in to-the-north overflow and roiling/very low doming from northern vent. Still doing this at 1843. At 1846, no more to-the-north overflow and only gentle roiling from northern vent. Ditto at 1853. At 1929, slight to-the-north overflow had already resumed & northern vent was slightly roiling.
3343 08 Jul 2016 @ 1147 --- JSJ Thermal photography showed a temperature of 146° F. See thermal photo at: .
3074 15 Jun 2016 @ 2000 --- Rocco Paperiello We (Micah Kipple and I) noticed a small amount of "new" wash between Green Spring and the boardwalk this afternoon [06/15/16]. While walking past it a bit later I saw a small 2 foot "bulging burst" over the vent just off the front (north) shelf. It did not put out any significant water. The main runoff channel does not look like any significant amount of water flowed down it. Most of the "activity" appears to be occurring only in the north vent and area of the pool. I have hopes to see a "significant" eruption this summer as I missed all the ones in 2008.
301 22 Aug 1973 @ 1000 --- BoekelUpload Green Spring 10:00; hvy overflow
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