Note 10975

Date/Time From:2019-04-10 @ 2045
Date/Time To:2019-04-11 @ 0200
Observer:YVO Porkchop Logger
Time Entered:2019-04-11 07:24:13
Time Updated:2019-04-11 14:02:20
Time Uploaded:2019-04-11 14:02:19
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Note:During this time the logger measured air temperature rather than Porkchop's. Drop of about 15 minutes beginning @ ~2045 from ~32°C to near-ambient of ~—10°C (per Nuphar Lake logger) followed by 45-60-minute increase beginning @ ~0200 from ~—10°C to ~30°C around 0200.

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No flags for this note. Porkchop Logger 24h as seen on 11 April 2019 @ 0726. EDIT: previous comment said '11 March'. This is obviously not right.Entrant: JarnoO
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