Note 10981

Date/Time:2019-04-14 @ 0500
Observer:YVO Porkchop Logger
Time Entered:2019-04-14 07:59:20
Time Uploaded:2019-04-14 07:59:20
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Note:No drop in temperature per the logger. Between 40°C and 50°C during the night.

The Norris NOAA temperature gauge has been down for several days, but looking at the Old Faithful data, the nighttime temperature stayed close to freezing temperatures due to cloud cover. The previous nights were into the teens and sometimes lower. I am wondering if the water level in Porkchop is low and therefore making the thermistor more susceptible to being affected by ambient temperatures.
Entrant: Polly
Time Entered:2019-04-14 09:14:14
Time Uploaded:2019-04-14 09:14:15
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No flags for this note. Porkchop logger spanning 24 hours, as seen @ ~0800 on April 14.Entrant: JarnoO
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