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Date/Time:2020-09-06 @ 1500
Time Entered:2020-09-06 15:25:48
Time Updated:2020-09-06 15:48:50
Time Uploaded:2020-09-06 15:48:50
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Note:(wc) Over the past few days, Giantess' unbleached southeastern runoff area has changed gradually from roughly cream white to gray to dark gray and, as of today, almost black in a few spots, which is consistent with increased overall runoff covering areas which usually don't get much water. There have been several boiling episodes as well, a few of which got me to the edge of my chair. Another observation is that boiling episodes appear to be less common (or nearly invisible) in the afternoon and evening than in the morning, which coincides with increasing winds as the day passes. Boiling episodes seem to be minutes to hours apart based on forced steam, especially the better ones. They appear to be sustaining for about half a minute as rough maximum, with the odd one out lasting longer (one of which I observed lasted ±1 minute based on forced steam). In that regard not much has changed since the 26 August 2020 eruption, however, it did get to this state within 9 days, whereas before the eruption it took a week or more to see any significant change.

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