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Date/Time:2020-09-14 @ 1115
Time Entered:2020-09-14 11:31:04
Time Updated:2020-09-14 15:01:17
Time Uploaded:2020-09-14 15:01:17
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Note:(wc) Within not even 24 hours, Giantess' SE runoff has transformed from being light gray (due to its formations drying out after the eruption) to dark gray, which is indicative of heavy overflow. This was already becoming visible yesterday, with a light gray formation that morning and a dark gray formation in the afternoon. However, the SE runoff doesn't quite yet have the width it had for the previous eruptions at its origin, so the next opportunity might be a few days away still. This does not take away that I've seen (or inferred based on forced steam) a few decent-looking boiling episodes.

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