Note 19290

Date/Time:2018-07-15 @ 1825
Time Entered:2021-09-04 12:31:51
Time Uploaded:2021-09-04 12:31:51
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Note:7-15-2018 CB ECHINUS 1825 See Note under Steamboat Vixen platform & runoff channel is wet, water pooled in its tube but I did not see an eruption in the 15 minutes I observed. Pearl still has a yellow hue. Porkchop water is back up to the rim of the pool. Green dragon runoff is again clear however the runoff channels are coated in brown. Yellow funnel has no visible water but I can hear deep grumbling with splashing down deep. Echinus water level is good with nice runoff and a weak 2 vent boil. (hum!) Crater Spring water is LOW and murky brown/gray. Emerald Spring is the same, clear, green with weak convection waves.

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