Note 19298

Date/Time:2019-04-19 @ 0925
Time Entered:2021-09-04 12:40:29
Time Uploaded:2021-09-04 12:40:29
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Note:19 Apr 2019 @ 0925 RMICHAELS PORKCHOP See Note under Steamboat Boardwalk to Steamboat is open. Steamboat very quiet. Only occasional splashing from either vent. South Vent runoff channel completely dry. Cistern in light overflow with one boil in center. Suspect there may be ongoing disturbance affecting at least the back basin because two features near Orby were having muddy eruptions. Porkchop also had no water in it. I didn't do a full tour of the back basin but it appeared from a casual glance that many typically quiet features were erupting or had more water than usual. I spaced out looking at Emerald to see if it was cloudy/boiling. I believe others made more detailed observations.

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