Note 20567

Date/Time:1982-07-06 @ 1606
Observer:1982 log
Time Entered:2021-11-27 07:26:23
Time Uploaded:2021-11-27 07:26:23
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Note:In the interest of completeness, other entries {below} were also included in the 1982 log. I started with Dobak entries assuming he was at the geyser with minors in comments, appended with the "seen from Steamboat" secondary entries thru 1605, but did not include the other minors, below. MAB 07/06/1982 1444 (from steamboat), 1454 A (from steamboat), 1517 (from steamboat), 1522 (from steamboat), 1530 (from steamboat), 1558 min (from steamboat), 1600 min (from steamboat), 1604 (from steamboat), 1636 (from steamboat)

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