Note 7808

Date/Time:2017-10-31 @ 0700
Observer:YVO Echinus Logger
Time Entered:2017-11-01 07:47:22
Time Updated:2017-11-01 15:48:31
Time Uploaded:2017-11-01 15:48:31
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Note:Had a spike around 0600 MST/0700 MDT, which was followed by ~6 hours of temperature fluctuating between 30 and 40°C (86 - 104°F) concluded by another spike. Erupting activity continued after that.

Not as if "nothing had happened" - fill rate is the same, but behavior; pre boil, overflow and starts were very different. Try to not speculate based on a graph.
Entrant: MAB
Time Entered:2017-11-01 08:24:14
Time Uploaded:2017-11-01 08:24:14
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