Note 7868

Date/Time From:1980-09-21 @ 1224
Date/Time To:1980-09-21 @ 1232
Observer:Echinus Record Box 17
Time Entered:2018-01-01 10:17:51
Time Uploaded:2018-01-01 10:17:51
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Note:For the record: - the handwritten Echinus Record 1980 has "9/21/1980 Echinus 1200 min, 1207 d=9m21s, 1224 min, 1232:45 d=9m22s (weak for 52s then whammoo)" - I believe they mislabeled 1424-1432 as in the noon hour- which made no sense with the 1200 and 1207. Note that the same "whamooo" comment from the logbook is on 1432. mab

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