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Date/Time From:2018-02-18 @ 0001
Date/Time To:2018-03-04 @ 1717
Observer:Bob Partner
Time Entered:2018-03-04 17:30:32
Time Updated:2018-03-04 18:06:21
Time Uploaded:2018-03-04 18:06:21
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Note:This note is from my brother, Bob Partner, and gives additional information regarding DGInc's Echinus notes on 2/19 & 3/3. The temperature graph at Pork Chop somewhat mimics the Steamboat temps (& the Steamboat graph has been down except for now showing data Feb 28-Mar 3). -Polly. “Event” at Norris late on 2/17 – early 2/18. Anomaly in Constant Geyser (very low spike in temp rather than normal larger spike), and big drop in temp at Porkchop, followed shortly after by frequent minors at Echinus. Drop in temp and steady increase in flow from Tantalus Creek (need to go to the “stream flow data” page). Has some of the look of another disturbance, but…... Interesting that there is a temperature recovery on Tantalus early on the 18th while water flow continued to increase – got unusually high. Storm hit about that time, but precipitation totals (less than 0.1 inch per hour, so only light precipitation) would not account for the large increase in water volume or initial drop in temp, and air temps at the time did not fluctuate a lot, so temp drop would not relate to the storm either. Definitely some kind of “event” in the basin with all the changes occurring about the same time frame.

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