Note 7952

Date/Time:2018-03-04 @ 0500
Observer:YVO Echinus Logger
Time Entered:2018-03-05 09:14:40
Time Updated:2018-03-05 09:17:37
Time Uploaded:2018-03-05 09:17:42
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Note:Over the past 28½ hours (2018-03-03 0030 - 2018-03-04 0500) Echinus spiked four times, namely @ 0056 (47°C), 0804 (48.1°C), 0958 (max 43.5°C), 1334 (48.9°C; preceded by a much smaller spike @ 1248, reaching 38°C, dropping afterwards to 27.1°C). In all cases, except @ 1248, temperature dropped to below 20°C. Lowest temperature reached was 13.6°C @ 0116. All times mentioned above, except where noted, are on the 3rd of March. Afterwards, Echinus did not spike as extreme as on the 3rd, but the lowest temperature reached before 0500 on the 4th of March and after 1358 on the 3rd of March (time of last temperature minimum), was 25.9°C @ 0450 on the 4th.

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